June 18, 2017

Rescue 911

Luckily I have a bit of time to write this, as I am getting ready to leave on a weeks very much needed holiday.  Yesterday, I went up into the local mountains to hike one of my favorite trails.  There are 5 types of wild orchids up there, and part of what I wanted to do was to check on their growth progress.  Because the mountains of southwest Colorado got more snow this winter than any other part of the state, I was also curious to see what the conditions were on this particular trail. 

As you can see from the photo above, there was still a lot of snow up there!  I passed snow drifts along the trail, and actually had to turn back sooner than I had planned on doing because the trail was impassible. Because of the unusually large amount of snow that fell this winter and the recent cool weather, all of the wildflowers were quite behind in their growing cycle, including the orchids. 

On my way back down the trail, my consciousness drifted up to the vibrational level of my Oversoul.  The Oversoul is located at a level just above the Higher Self, and serves as the manager of multiple Higher Selves and their associated incarnations.  For those of you who did  not participated in my most recent Rise Multiversity workshop entitled “Journeys to Meet your Non-Human Soul Aspects”, I highly recommend that you delve into that material.  In addition to meeting those non-human aspects of yourself, you will also become familiar with your own Oversoul and its purpose.  To purchase the workshop, go here. 

As I immersed myself in my Oversoul’s energy, I was quite surprised to encounter the energy of getting prepared for some sort of disaster.  In short, all of the Oversouls in that location were preparing to receive masses of “casualties” in the form of multiple souls that had exited their bodies suddenly and would be in need of healing.  It reminded me of the TV series “Mash” as they were getting ready to treat wounded soldiers. 

So what did this mean? I do not want to over interpret this to say that some big disaster is headed our way.  I will just wait and see if any other information comes my way.  Perhaps some of you have some insight on this? 

I do know that this was a meaningful experience because of what happened next.   The highway that I travel to and from the mountains on runs along the Dolores River.  Because of all of the mountain snow melting now, the river is running fast and high.  Most years, we do not have enough run off for a good river rafting season, but this year we do.  This has made the river rafting somewhat dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

As I drove home, I was rapidly approached from behind by a Jeep type vehicle with a red flashing light on the top.  This was the kind of light that you could just stick on the top of your car.  As the vehicle passed me, I could see that it was towing one of those big yellow river rafts.  Further down the highway, the vehicle pulled over at the place where most of the raft launchings take place, and was met by an official rescue vehicle.  OK.  Now I realized that there was some sort of emergency situation happening on the river. 

Further down from that I saw a fire truck with all lights flashing slowly working its way through a residential community towards the shore of the river, and even further down the highway there was a fire and rescue vehicle waiting at the side of the road.  I had never seen any of this sort of action in that area before.

As of now, I do not know what was going on, but the events on the highway mirrored what I perceived on the Oversoul level.  The message—pay attention and keep your internal radar working.  Upcoming events may not be avoidable, but it pays to be aware of what in going on around you at all times. In addition to that, there is always help available regardless of the severity of the situation.  Trust

June 11, 2017

Genetic Distortions

Today is Sunday, and the energy has been a bit weird all day.  It is now approaching evening, and it still feels strange!  We had a launching today.  I have been up since 4:30 AM or so, partly because of the cats making a ruckus, but mainly because the theme for my launching showed up spontaneously and kept me awake.  That is pretty rare, especially since it has been several months now since I have had a really defined theme to investigate during a launch. 

What I was shown in the early morning hours was how our DNA is being degraded.  The DNA helix that I saw was covered in a sooty material, in addition to having what looked like tiny black bugs attached to it.  It has become pretty obvious that our standard of living on average has been gradually getting worse in all ways related to our health, finances, stress levels, psychological conditions, nutritional issues, toxicity of our environment, and on and on.  The average life span in many developed parts of the world has probably hit its peak, and future generations will not live as long as we do.  There are many factors at cause for this, but today, my task was to investigate the genetic tie in.

After I was sent out on my journey, I immediately encountered a council of about 7 individuals.  I just assumed that I was led to the right place, and didn’t question who they were.  I asked my question about what was happening to our DNA.  The group parted, and this is what I was shown.

In front of me was a black hole that was spewing small black particles.  On closer inspection, those particles turned out to have the form of tiny bugs that would then attach to the DNA strands.  They were parasites that then proceeded to damage the DNA. 

Being curious as to their origin, I proceeded to enter the black hole.  I found myself in another universe whose goal was to take over or subsume ours into a hive mind.  Maybe I have been watching too many old Star Trek TV shows, but this reminded me of the Borg and their mission to absorb any race that they encountered.  Those who were absorbed had a variety of artificial implants installed in their bodies, and in particular, their heads.  Was it possible that I had entered the universe of the synthetic matrix or the AI? 

In addition to all of this, it really felt like these transmissions were coming to us via a “subspace” pathway, or in other words, through the spaces between dimensional bandwidths.  Thus, they would be very difficult to detect with the conscious mind.  We are talking here about electromagnetic energy, cell tower transmissions, WiFi and the like.  We know that these kinds of energies are harmful to us, and now we see that our DNA may be being damaged when we are exposed to them. 

I then exited this other reality and went back to the council.  “What can be done about this?” All is not lost!  The advice I was given was that if one works diligently to clear their issues and keep their vibration high, as soon as these parasitic “bugs” enter their energy field, they will get coated with their own higher vibrational energy.  Then, the bugs will simply bounce off of the DNA without being able to attach.  I saw this visually as if these bugs turned into M & M’s, with the hard coating preventing them from sticking.  As a side note, what will raise your vibration the fastest is the energy of JOY!!!  It doesn’t need to be too complicated.  Just embody joy each day and radiate that energy out to the world. 

As long as I was there in front of this council and hadn’t been called back from my journey just yet, I had another question for them.  I won’t go into the hybrid agenda here, but I was curious about those humans who were chosen to donate either eggs or sperm.  Isn’t the DNA from these individuals also degraded?  So the answer I got was that the hybrid program is being implemented by several ET races having nothing to do with the agenda of the AI.  It is strictly a way that those races can continue to exist in some form and avoid extinction. 

The interesting information here is that those who have had their reproductive DNA harvested are somehow immune to the attack by the organisms that have been creating the genetic distortions.  Their DNA is somewhat pristine.  This has nothing to do with their level of spiritual vibration or evolution.  We are talking about ordinary people here that may have no spiritual orientation. 

You might want to read this information a few times because it is a lot to take in.  I don’t think that I have fully integrated it myself.  Perhaps that has lent itself to the weirdness of the day.   I hope to get a good night’s sleep tonight and wake up in a different frame of mind.