October 15, 2017

More on the Prime Creator

Over a week after the launching at George’s workshop, here we are again doing another one!  This time it was with the local group at my house.  Since the last launching was still fresh in my mind, I decided to do a repeat, and gather more information on the Prime Creator.  Keep in mind that the information that I am receiving may not match up with your understanding of this aspect of creation.  I am new to this understanding, so I am just going with what comes through.

A the start of my journey, I briefly passed through the Prime Creator “zone” and ended up in that deliciously calm and curiously empty golden energy of what I call Source.  What a great place to rest a bit!  But what gets the manifestation process going?  What injects movement into this very calm and serene arena?

As I floated in the Source energy, I felt a shiver or a pulse of energy go through.  Where this came from, I haven’t a clue, although as is the nature of infinity, there is always an upline, right?  This shiver got the manifestation process moving, and from there, I drifted to the Prime Creator level.  Here, there was all kinds of action.  This level was composed of many many units like a honeycomb or tiny blocks stacked up.  These were all of the Prime Creator aspects ready to get their assignments and complete their tasks.  The energy was one of very happy anticipation! 

All of a sudden, hundreds of units were launched into space, and I heard lots of giggling, cheering and applause.  A creative endeavor was being launched, and there was much joy in the process.  Since there were so many units being sent out, I can only surmise that each one had its unique and different task to complete. 

I am skipping the information that I received at our launch during George’s workshop.  You can review it here.  Now, fast forward to the end result of this creation.  I got to experience a world of conscious play and creation.  I am not even sure that this world was a realm of form the way we know life on earth.  Everything had a glow to it, especially the plants.  The energy of joy permeated all.  This was a world where forms were created, and consciousness occupied those forms at will.  When the consciousnesses were done with the experience, they simply removed themselves from the form and went somewhere else to experience something different. 

I had to wonder—was our planet once this way?  Imagine living in a world where there was no killing or being killed, no need to eat, and living in harmony with all of nature.  I do believe that at one time eons ago we were able to come to earth, occupy a body to experience physicality, and then drop that body and move on.  At some point, we lost the ability to do that and got stuck here. 

At the end of my journey, I asked Source about the purpose for all of this.  Source’s reply was “to create life”.  Simple and elegant. 

October 13, 2017

Launching During the GK Workshop

The evening of the second day of George’s workshop, Jenn, Sabrina and I decided to do a launching.  Sabrina had never participated in one before, and Jenn was fairly new to the process.  How wonderful that we could surf on the rarefied energy that was generated at the workshop.  What a nice way to finish off the day!

As it is already a week later, I will try to recall as much as I can about my journey.  My intent was to connect to and learn about my Prime Creator aspect.  Now, I am not the only person that has this aspect, although I suspect that each Prime Creator aspect has a different job.  This is also not the Creator or Source of all, but a down line of this energy that follows through and manifests the Source’s directives. 

As soon as I was sent out into the cosmos, I found myself drifting in an area where there was a lot of what I call stardust, similar to what can be seen in the Hubble Telescope photos.  This dust contains elements that may not be known on earth, and can be used as the primal matter of creation.  I have written previously that the Mineral Kingdom is the source for all patterns for the structure of physicality, and that I am connected with the councils of this kingdom. 

As an aspect of the Primal Creator, I experienced creating a framework for what was to be manifested in physicality, and then calling in the predetermined aspect of consciousness to embody that form.  Thus the creation of plants, animals and minerals.  Fascinating, and all done through the master plan of the Creator.   This is divine play at work, and a co-creative activity with the Mineral Kingdom and consciousness. 

I also realized that these techniques could be used to clean up air and water pollution and manifest food out of thin air.  Key words that came to mind were alchemy, transmutation, transformation and “Lead into Gold”.  All of this resonates with information that I have received in the last few years in different ways.  And, it’s all fun!  Co-creating with the Creator! 

October 11, 2017

Transcending the God Matrix

This past Thursday, I attended George Kavassilas’ latest workshop offering, “Transcending the God Matrix” in Monterey, California, sponsored by Kunde-Ra and Kameha of www.cleaningwings.com.  The “God” referred to is of course the creator of the synthetic matrix. 

Over 40 individuals attended, and the event took place at a lovely hotel right on the beach.  What a perfect setting for the transformational work that we were doing.  Dolphins and sea lions were swimming off shore, and sea gulls and brown pelicans constantly cruised the airwaves.  Even though the location gave me a chance to commune with the Mama Cocha, or Mother of the Waters, I realized that I am not an ocean person.  I definitely prefer being high and dry in the mountains!

What made this event different for me was the fact that many of the people there were personal acquaintances of mine, students, clients or readers of this blog.  Normally, I do not know anyone at an event, so I have to make more of an effort to find people to hang out with.  Not so this time.  I even did a launch on Friday night with friends/students Jenn and Sabrina.  I’ll write more about that in the next post. 

The last time George was in the states was in 2011, and I went to see him in Chicago.  He also presented in Boston, Vancouver BC, and the ECETI Ranch in Washington State.  He must have had at least 350 attendees total from those events.  So why the smaller crowd this time?  There was only one other attendee besides myself at the workshop last week who had seen George in 2011.  Clearly, his work is not for everyone.  It is geared for the spiritually advanced and savvy humans who have incarnated here this time around to support the Earth Mother and humanity in this time of transition. We are the space holders and way showers that can truly take advantage of George’s mentorship.  In a broader sense, everyone here right now is on earth for the same purpose, but the vast majority has not awakened to their true potential. 

So what did we do/learn?  For confidentiality purposes, I can’t give the exact details, but the teachings and exercises were designed to connect us to our Greater Self and to transcend some of the basic restrictive energetic structures that humanity has been subject to for millennia.  George led chakra and kundalini removal exercises. I was surprised that about half of the attendees still had their chakras. 

We also did an evening and next morning process on coming to closure with a problematic relationship in our lives.  That was very powerful.  It all goes to the matter of dragging baggage along with us, as all of that needs to be let go of for us to move forward on our spiritual path. Looking at the bigger picture, many are coming to closure with the earthly experience at this time, too.  That is why we have incarnated on the planet now, in spite of all of the challenges that human existence is currently faced with.  During a processing with a teacher that I was working with in the early 90’s, I distinctly remember when I as a newly created embryo, was desperately trying to implant into my mother’s womb.  The first two times failed, and as I was gripping and digging while trying to attach, I remember thinking that if it didn’t work this time, I would miss my opportunity to come back.  Clearly I was meant to be here at this time, as are all of you! 

We did a final exercise on embodying what George calls our Guardian Light.  This is the energy of our Greater Self and Heart Core Essence that we can hold on a daily basis and radiate out to assist in the transition of the earth, her kingdoms and humanity.  It is our task to be the best we can be energetically at all times, not just for ourselves and those near and dear to us, but for the greater whole as well.  That is what we came here to do.

It was such a delight to be with George once again.  We had a very nice conversation at the beach bonfire the last evening I was there.  He has changed quite a bit since I first encountered his radio interviews in 2011.  My life has been greatly enhanced by knowing him.  You can check out his work at www.iaminfinite.love. 

October 9, 2017

Workshop with George Kavassilas

I returned yesterday from a fabulous time with George and his "Transcending the God Matrix" workshop in Monterey, California.  There is a lot to report on, but as you can imagine, I am having trouble putting my experience into words.  Two of my friends and I also did a launch on Friday night, which I will report on. 

So, until I can give a more coherent view of the event,  I would like to pass along a few pertinent concepts that have come to mind this morning.

The future has already happened.  Stay ahead of the curve by calling in and embodying your future self NOW. 
This self is your Greater Self that transcends time, space and limitation. 
You are a Creator Being that has come here to experience your own creation before leaving this realm once and for all. 
Acknowledge this, BE IT, and LIVE IT. 

More later.

September 28, 2017

Clearing Person to Person Karma

First of all, let me start off by saying that in this post, I am using the traditional definition of karma.  That is, an imbalance in the energy flow and interaction between a person and another person, event or activity.  This imbalance can carry through to this lifetime and may need to be rectified in the here and now.  Of course, when one takes the bigger picture view from one’s higher aspects, there is no karma, only experience.  That, however, may not help a person who is embroiled in a dysfunctional relationship that has carried over from past experiences or lifetimes! 

Part of the Quantum Sphere Healing session can involve clearing the karma that a client has with another person, thus the person to person karma clearing protocol.  It must be understood that this is a one way street from the standpoint of the client.  It does not mean that the karma is cleared in both directions, as the other person in question may have different past life issues with the client. 

In addition, we humans are biochemically designed to gravitate to those with whom we have the greatest baggage, or karma.  Most often, these are the people who are the closest to us, including genetic relatives, partners or close friends.  When the particular lifetimes are uncovered through the QSH process, there is always murder and mayhem involved, in addition to themes like abuse of all sorts, abandonment, undue attachment to the other, grieving the loss of the other, competition and jealousy. 

In general, there have been great shifts for the positive with my clients in regard to their dysfunctional relationship with the “other”.  I have had however several instances in the past few months where the shift in relation to the other was less than optimal.  What happened in those cases?  In addition to clearing the karma, which is a small aspect of the QSH session, there is always an “umbrella” or big picture issue at work.  That must shift in order for the clearing to be complete, and so that the client does not encounter the same situation with someone else further down the road.  It is also not productive for the client to line up all of the people that they have an issue with and do session after session to clear that karma.  It is much more productive to shift the umbrella issue that all of these people fall under. 

In several recent cases, my clients ended up re-engaging with partners that they had cleared their karma with, and in another case, my client was living in the same household with the offending person, and the client was not able to make a shift to a more empowered state in the face of the other’s continuing antics.   Keep in mind that there should be absolutely no expectation that the other person will change their behavior.  The goal of this kind of work is so that the client can approach the relationship in a different and healthier way.  The person who has cleared the karma may become more empowered, or less sensitive to the other, or even choose to finally disconnect all together from that person. 

It is important to remember that once the karma is cleared, if the lesson has not been learned and the client does make the appropriate shift, they start to generate new karma by consciously making the choice to recreate the relationship at issue. Of course, I am presenting a simplified version of how this works, but you get the idea.   If we want to leave this lifetime as free and unfettered as possible, generating more baggage or karma via the continuation of a dysfunctional relationship is counter to that goal. 

On the other hand, I have experienced dramatic and rapid shifts for a client after we have taken care of a problematic relationship during a QSH session.  If you feel that you would benefit from this kind of session, feel free to contact me through my website at www.quantumstargate.com. 

September 25, 2017

Sacred Landscapes

The past week or so, I have been exploring several sacred landscapes.  A sacred landscape is a space, either in your inner or outer world, that provides an arena for different kinds of spiritual activity or ceremony.  It is a place where one can go to do ceremony, meditate, or commune with the spirits of the natural world.  It can be out in nature, in your spare bedroom, or even in your imagination. No matter where you create this space, the energy there should be quiet, contemplative and peaceful. 

This past Friday night, I had a group here at my house to cerebrate the Autumnal Equinox with a shamanic fire ceremony.  The sacred landscape was my back yard with the focus of the ceremony centered on my fire pit.  The weather that day was very windy with wind gusts upwards to 30 mph and rain was forecast to come through around dinner time.  I wasn’t even sure if a fire would be possible under those conditions.  Nevertheless, shaman magic prevailed once again, and by the time we got outside for the fire, the wind had died down almost completely, and we had a perfectly clear sky above.  The stars, planets and our Milky Way galaxy provided a sacred landscape above us, and the participants energetically provided the sacred space around the fire.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better. 

Three different days during the last week I was out in the canyonlands of SE Utah with my friend Virginia researching the very large sacred landscape that exists west of Hovenweep National Monument. This landscape includes standing stones, ancient rock art, many line of sight alignments with a local mountain, solstice and equinox sunrise and sunset markers, and a huge stone circle.  Clearly the ancient people of this land either lived here or gathered in this area for their sacred ceremonies.

During the trips last week, we completed the work in the canyons that we had been researching for several years, and moved on west to a new location.  The rock art in this new area has been identified as being made during the archaic period, so it is at least 3-5,000 years old!  At the top is a photo of the very oldest rock art that we found.  The energy of this new area is quite different than that of the other canyon that we had been investigating previously.  I can only assume that the lifestyle and of course the types of ceremonies that were done in the 2 places were quite different as well.  Here are more photos of the ancient rock art. 

Yesterday, Sunday, we hosted a local rock art expert who had not been to the area before, and so revisited some significant sites in both canyons.  As I was walking through a large open area that many researchers had walked through before me, I stumbled upon a very significant monolith that was lying prone in the dirt.  I say significant because there were no other large boulders around it.  I was surprised that no one had documented it.  As opposed to the many standing stones there that are marked by a white tip where the dark staining had been rubbed off by the ancient inhabitants, this monolith had a white abraded area on its surface just inches from the ground. Below is an example of the many white-tipped standing stones in the area.
I love to tune into the energy of these big boulders, and I did just that with this one. Anyone can do this by quieting the mind, putting your hand on the stone and channeling the energy.  She is definitely a female, and a representation of the Earth Mother.  She has a symbolic form of a woman, and a scooped out area where I imagine the womb would be located.   I have named her Madonna.  Now how the ancient people used her, I don’t know.  I would have to spend more time with her to gather that information.  Clearly though, this monolith is part of the sacred landscape of that area. 

I encourage each of you to find your sacred landscape, whether it is out in nature in an isolated spot, in your own backyard, in your house or in the map of your consciousness.  Use that landscape often to connect to the greater you that exists in the cosmos.